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Category:chanchan Drama

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It's the guy at the party who's cheating on his girlfriend, or the guy at a baseball game who calls his friend a faggot. chanchan being a meeting place for internet harlots and attention-whores with colossal egos and such, has had plenty of opportunities for drama.

A series of events that make everyone who witness it feel awkward or down.

Events in 2006

KingSchwill is a collosal faggot

Wow, what a faggot.

On September 24th, 2006 KingSchwill cemented himself as chanchan's central douchebag one of it's worst mods by posting Googled images of cutters on Silly_Axolotl's board with some LOL stalker-babble. After telling him what a colossal faggot he was, Silly_Axolotl proceeded to flood her board with cute images to push away KingSchwill's faggotry.

KingSchwill & Blice

A shocking dramatization.

The IRC, a notorious drama hangout, fell under tragedy on October 10th, 2006 when KingSchwill and a channel operator, Blice (Olawdy), began alternatively banning each other. Everytime Blice unbanned KingSchwill, he would rejoin and attempt to ban Blice, causing Blice to reban him. When Blice didn't unban KingSchwill a final time, KingSchwill IM'd King_John to bitch and moan, King_John responded by deopping both KingSchwill and Blice. KingSchwill has not been seen in the IRC since, with Blice returning the next day to bitch about the injustice until Alde made him shut the fuck up and he calmed down. Blice left IRC shortly after.

omni & mulletchan


It was a commonly known fact that Libertine was attracted to jailbait, as he called it, however, the majority of the channel suspected a little more to this. Certain people did accuse him of being a paedophile, however, the girls he praised constantly were quick to jump to his defence. There was not particulary any proof other than the constant grooming of girls who came to Stickam, and the constant comments about girls who looked underage.

Events in 2007

It'd be nice if someone would fill these out

Events in 2008

It'd be nice if someone would fill these out

Events in 2009

Lawless fuckhole

Libertine's Return

Around the last week of April 2009, Libertine appeared once more with a new e-girlfriend. This time the girl was Dotchan. Attempting to conceal his past history with chanchan, he was using the name Humbert, to keep from getting banned on sight.

Events in 2010

It'd be nice if someone would fill these out

Events in 2011

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Events in 2012

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Events in 2013

It'd be nice if someone would fill these out

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